The Durban Poison Co-op./Dagga Co-op. was founded to serve & assist all members of the cannabis and related industries.
DPCZA & DaggaCoop. Members pay no fees or commissions!
Founding Members are the only legal Durban Poison Agents.


Taken from the lessons of BEE we progress to CEE or SA'CEE'D 'Cannabis Economic Empowerment & Dev.'  If it must have a related color let it be green! Having said this while economics & metaphysics have proved that everything is connected. Our prehistoric emotional brains will perceive limitation this stems from the fear of death in its egoic sense.

That recourses & wealth is somehow limited and having 100% of your pie is worth more than having 10% of the pie that is one hundred times more valuable. Humans must be accountable but too much accountability harms the victim.

Accountability must have a golden lining and the wealth divide or educational divide in your community family or country and universe will ultimately limit your ability to succeed.

Accountability that empowers you must empower the evil that is how you succeed. We are all connected limiting your perceived enemy only limits yourself.

the (Official) Dagga Co-op. 

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SACANEX l *Cannabis Exchange l *Dagga Exchange l

SACANEX l *Cannabis Exchange l *Dagga Exchange l

I quote. "I want to see that young mother driving up the hill that must have been 5-7 km. So steep one literally needs a 4x4. With a baby on her back Every morning & every night! Plus that night the wind and rain were Gail force"
Dear fellow South Africans. We need you now more than ever before.

Dear fellow South Africans. We need you now more than ever before.

Dear fellow South Africans. We need you now more than ever before. The South African Dream is so close I can smell your money.   I speak of millions of hardworking South Africans this is your time. 

Durban Poison that is correct this website and the SA Cannabis Exchange belong to You! We will help you sell your dagga overseas and since you own Durban Poison, Transkei Poison & The SA (Official) Dagga Exchange whatever *price we can get you keep!



Zulu Poison (High) THC & Zulu Poison that may destroy Cancer. Under Construction. © Durban Poison Media

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